• SS22 Capsule 01: Jouten at Amos Rex Shop

    May 13th in store at Amos Rex Shop
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Jouten SS22 Capsules

Nice to see you again, friend!

During the summer of 2022, Jouten will journey through various capsule collections with handpicked items made of 100% repurposed textiles. Capsule collections launching throughout the summer season are available at offline locations in Helsinki and Turku, as well as here at our online store.

SS22 Capsule 01: Jouten at Amos Rex Shop

Jouten at Amos Rex Shop launching May 13th 2022 11AM at Amos Rex Shop

In the summer of 2022, a capsule collection of repurposed Jouten clothing items are sold at the Amos Rex Shop as an extended part of their natural resource and recycling-themed exhibitions. Subterranean (from 2 April to 21 August 2022) takes place inside the Amos Rex museum and Tadashi Kawamata’s Nest (from 7 May to 4 Sep 2022) spreads over the surroundings of the building. Amos Rex Shop is open whenever the Amos Rex art museum is open.

Amos Rex Shop | Mannerheimintie 22–24 00100 Helsinki

Upcycling the upcycled

Since 2019, Jouten has focused on repurposing hotel textiles into handmade one of one terry garments. Hotel textiles circulated by the Finnish textile service company Comforta are processed by Jouten as a part of an ongoing material partnership grounded in circularity. Jouten’s garment production from dyeing to sewing takes place in Helsinki.

Jouten SS22 Capsule 01 collection of patchwork terry garments made of repurposed hotel towels and bed linen is displayed exclusively at the Amos Rex Shop in the summer of 2022. The collection is characterized by an additive sewing technique and created from the cutting waste accumulated from the production of previous collections ovet the past years.

Together, the leftover fabrics from Jouten’s past collections from 2020 and 2021, evolve into a new ensemble of colors and shapes – upcycling yet again the once upcycled fabrics into the next phase of their extended lifecycle. Where the journey of these fabrics continues from there, is up to you.

SS22 Capsule 02: PUF + Jouten

PUF + Jouten launching May 27th 2022 at PUF in Turku

We’re excited to announce the PUF + Jouten collaboration collection for the summer of 2022 as an exclusive collection of Jouten terry items travels to the cheerful PUF store located in Turku. Details on the available items and launch time follows soon.

PUF | Linnankatu 6 20100 Turku

About Jouten

Based in Helsinki, Finland, Jouten is a lifestyle brand and an experimental design studio inspired by repurposing premium textiles. Founded in 2016 and run by designer duo Emmi Lonka and Eljas Pajamies, Jouten shifts perspectives through contemporary comfort living.

Sparked by the idea of creativity emerging from admitted boredom, Jouten is focused on the appreciation of endless novelty in everyday ordinariness. The outcome is defined by Emmi and Eljas’ fascination towards upcycling customary and ostensibly boring materials for intriguing repurposed use. 

In the summer 2022 Jouten journeys through a number of varied capsule collections launched both offline and online. All products are handmade in Helsinki with the highest attention to detail in material, fit and fabrication.

The gap between mundaneness and shifted perspectives could be anything from a blink of an eye to a leap of faith from a mountain to another. That gap is where Jouten happens – the easing bridge from changed attitudes to renewed perspectives towards everyday life right under our noses.