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Jouten is a Helsinki based design studio lately focused on 100% reused hotel textiles in playful apparel handmade in Finland

Peach Please (2020)

Our 2020 collection Peach Please is characterised by an experimental approach to upcycled materials and colours. As a medium for expression, Peach Please intends to convey the Jouten mindset to encapsulate what intrigues us to be inspired and creative. It courages us to shift perspectives to our surroundings and gives us peace to find novelty in our everyday ordinaries.

Bending the mind and making connections with overlapping aspects of our culture urges us to match ordinary materials with ordinary concepts, and reinterpret them into something unexpected. By looking at the reserve of recyclable resources around us as a source of inspiration, we aim for outcomes that are innovative and equally concerned with comfort as the design itself. We believe positive change in the way we look at our everyday lives happens through insightful understanding of the substance at hand that – in this case – follows playful deconstruction of existing ideas about the purpose and place of everyday materials.

Handmade in Finland with careful attention to material fit, and fabrication, Jouten products are produced in considerate and limited quantities. In spite of holding an sky-high potential in terms of reutilization, reused materials are finite as a resource. With persistence in trial-and-error-ing, we face the materials at hand as subjects of research with an aim to release our minds and open our eyes towards new possibilities, and gain a broader perspective of what is, and what could be.

The word "Jouten" is an adverb in the Finnish language for taking a break immersed in the present moment for an undefined period of time.