Terry care

Careful sorting before mindful washing

We recommend washing your terry product first separately from another laundry. We kindly remind you to always wash your Jouten with similar colored laundry in the future. Follow the washing instructions on the care label to ensure your Jouten a long-lived joyous life.

Gentle softening in every wash

The terry cloth used in your new Jouten piece behaves like any other towel fabric. Taking good care of it will keep it soft use after use. Add a bit of natural fabric softener with each wash, or consider clear spirit vinegar as an ecological option for fabric softener to keep it soft. Remember to make sure that the softener also fits the other garments you’re washing simultaneously.

Thorough fluffing for ultimate softness

After washing, tumble dry your Jouten at a low temperature to make it nice and fluffy. If you don’t have access to a tumble dryer, we recommend shaking the garment well for the terry fibers to settle nicely. As terry cloth absorbs moisture well, the garment might appear heavy after washing. If you dry your Jouten without a tumble dryer, we suggest drying it horizontally over a rack to avoid stretched shoulders and waistlines.