Jouten Sounds

Jouten Sounds 03: Doron Krüger | June 2021

"While many of us have spent the past year mostly at home, the lines between leisure and duties have gotten ever blurrier. During these times, in quest of peace, a state of Jouten, I discovered myself connecting with music more profoundly than ever before. In this mix and selection of tracks I try to take you along this journey of mine and invite you to lose yourself for a moment and find bliss and ease in the sound. Stay safe, stay Jouten. Love, doron. :-*"

Jouten Sounds 02: Karoliina Pärnänen | October 2020

"When I was putting together this mix, I started thinking about what the Finnish word “jouten” means to me, which roughly translates to do absolutely nothing: to relax, to lounge around. I was imagining myself laying on a sunny field with the sun flickering through a birch tree’s leaves. Surrounded by the sounds of nature and its tiny creatures, drowsing off into a sweet summer dream and traveling in my mind to hear stories from around the world and from the earth below me. All creatures and spirits of the Earth joining for this empowering journey of connection, joy, dance and togetherness."

Jouten Sounds 01: Lauri Soini | September 2020