Unique towel ponchos from recycled towels designed and handmade one by one in Finland. For changing clothes, cooling down and letting loose. Or why not rocking the streets in SS18.

Handmade towel ponchos out of recycled towels to keep us sane and sound

In the Finnish language there is a word for serenely wondering about not doing anything special. For laying on the lawn and counting grass. For investigating the palm of your hand and exploring the countless furrows whirling across your skin. That is basically what Jouten means. Jouten is also what you are designed to feel diving through the neckline of your towel poncho, and letting the hem fall down and feeling the weight of the fluff against your skin. Jouten is your armour for changing your the early bird wetsuit to catch the first waves, and your uniform for putting your feet up after coming out of a sauna with your hair damp, skin steaming and a cold drink in hand.